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International shipping companies are the mediator for commercial operations between countries, it is possible to buy from those countries via the Internet or a middleman, and then the goods are transferred through international shipping companies. Yet, the difference between the companies lies in the size of the shipped thing and its type. Through the shipping companies the buyer can send money to the seller.

There are types of international shipping including

Sea Shipping :

It is one of the most important and oldest means of transportation in the world where the goods are sent through convoys and containers, it represents 90% of the total volume of global trade and is considered the artery of the global economy, as countries are keen to own ships and containers of various sizes in order to facilitate the international shipping process. The maritime shipping has the privilege of transporting large quantities of goods in one shipment, given the largest ships. Through the sea freight companies can import and export goods that are difficult to carry by other means, most importers have accepted this type because of its speed and low material cost.

Land freight :

Goods are transported by heavy transport vehicles or trains, and the road freight is distinguished by its efficiency. Land freight costs depend on the type and size of cars used in the shipping process, it is of a medium cost, one of the advantages of land freight is its high flexibility and speed of response to the requirements of shipping. It is also characterized by its spread and ease of dependence.

Air freight :

It is the transportation of goods by using aircraft specialized in transporting items, which differs from passenger transport aircraft. Its cost ranges from medium to high, However, investors resort to it because of its high speed in completing transport operations as it is possible to transport the items to the farthest places within one day. It is also characterized by high confidence, complete safety, ease and flexibility of the necessary legal procedures in customs clearance, as the costs of insurance on transported shipments are relatively low compared to the expenses of marine insurance.