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Financial Investments

It is one of the most efficient types of investment. Wherein  either an individual or a company make some investments to save money in some assets and properties such as stocks, bonds, commercial instruments, bank acceptances and tradable deposit. 

with the aim of achieving a profit in the short or long term. There are two cases:

First: The investment for individuals; this type is practiced by the ordinary person with the aim of achieving profit.

Second: Investments for companies and institutions; this type has several forms, including   

Types Of Private Investment

Short-Term Investments 

The investments that last for a short period within a year as they achieve security for the financial entity of the institution and protect it from economic fluctuations. It facilitates the conversion of investments into liquid funds when needed and is known as the current assets of the facility’s balance sheet, which is the papers (stocks), certificates of deposit and treasury bonds.

Long-Term Investments

They are investments in non-current assets that are held for a period longer than a year, such as investing in plots

Among the goals of financial investments are:

  • Securing the future: It is usually done by people who are close to retirement, as their tendency to secure their future leads them to invest their money in medium-yield guaranteed securities with little risk.
  • Achieving the largest current income: Here the investor focuses on the investments that achieve the largest current return.
  • Achieving continuous development in wealth with an acceptable return: wherein the investor’s goal is to achieve an acceptable current return with an acceptable percentage in the value of the invested capital.
  • Protecting money from any decrease in its purchasing power as a result of inflation.